We do not charge a subscription fee
We learn about wedding vendors/services on trippix in two ways -
  • First, through word of mouth from our community. Our community, composed of both vendors and engaged couples, inquire or recommend trippix to their family and friends.
  • Second, through online
To see them, simply find the our verified tag() next to our verified partners.
Nope, we’re open to all wedding vendors seeking to accept online booking and reservations.
Our pricing model is an all-inclusive 5% fee for every successful booking transaction using trippix.
No. Trippix is an open marketplace, we don’t prefer certain partners over others. We also do not display ads on our site to provide a clean and clutter experience to our users.
No, we’re open to all vendors. To list your service click here.
Nope, all accounts are either verified or not. We do prefer to surface vendors with more complete profiles, which tend to be our verified partners, for a better search experience for engaged couples on our community.
Trippix is currently based in California, USA.
Couples come to a vendor's page in 2 ways. Firstly, through a search of the location with no vendor in mind during the search. For those couples, we provide an open platform so that the couple is free to choose their dream vendor. Second, couples comes to pay the reservation fees of a particular vendor after talking to the vendor. In that case, the couple comes to the unique vendor reservation url and pays the fees. In short, while we do not guarantee the situation in the question will never happen, the chances of it happening are less to virtually nil, in our experience till date.
Trippix believes in earning our vendors’ trust and so we have a "five day guarantee" of foregoing our 5% charge if we don’t get you your payment in 5 days.
Trippix started accepting bookings on September 2015.
Trippix is registered as a business in the U.S.
As part of trippix’s algorithms, famous wedding videos online that are publicly available are automatically queried. This enables our community to find and discover great wedding vendors at one place via trippix.
All you need to do is list your service by clicking here.
No. Trippix believes in the authenticity of the users and vendors signing up on the platform. Hence, we accept only accounts verified by facebook to sign up on the platform. However, for vendors , we give an option to use another email of their choice (different from the email associated with the fb account) to receive notifications about enquiries, reservations and booking confirmations. To enable this for your service, please email info@trippix.net after you sign up using your fb account.
All messages, pending reservations and bookings including confirmations generate an email notification that will be sent to your preferred email address.
Yes! You can do this by changing your reservation price to accomodate the surcharge.
After your money has been credited to your local bank, trippix emails you a digital receipt confirming that the transaction has been completed.
The surcharge breakdown is part of the receipt we send out after the money has been credited.
Trippix is not a blog or an advertising site and hence we don’t extensively measure our viewing numbers compared to other sites. However, we do strongly measure our bookings since this is the true value we give our community and as of this writeup - trippix has enabled over Php 3,000,000 worth of online reservation bookings.
Trippix helps you get more bookings by enabling you to accept online bookings and payments. We believe that there is an underserved market of couples seeking to book wedding vendors online which we hope trippix points in your direction as one of our partners.
We rotate across our wedding vendor partners daily. On average, this translates to once/twice a month per vendor.
Please feel free to email us at info@trippix.net and we will respond within 24 hours. Alternatively, if it is urgent, you can call us at (+63)917-850-1588.