Trippix is a platform for finding, enquiring and booking your dream wedding videographer and photographer online.
We, the team at trippix knows all too well about the stress and frustration of searching and reserving wedding vendors going through the experience ourselves. One of our co-founders' experience documented in detail here. Having said that, trippix hopes to help couples in 2 ways.

  • First, We provide an interface for couples to search for videographers and photographers by name(helps couple to identify the style of the videographer) or by location of the wedding(for inspiration and ideas). We do all this by focusing on the rich content and provide a clean interface (a clutter-free experience with no ads or annoying ad popups). So what was earlier scattered at multiple places(vendor website, public blogs and vimeo) can now be viewed on a single website. Additionally, the reviews and rates/packages along with the availability of the vendors are published on the profile page which makes it easier for the couples to quickly make a decision based on their requirements and budget.
  • Second, there are direct links and options to quickly send a message/enquiry to the vendor along with reserving a date and paying, all on the website. So the entire end to end experience is online with no hassles wrt bank deposits, asking someone to personally go to the vendor office and pay. It gives you the option to reserve, book and pay your dream wedding videographers online and as easy as 1-2-3
To see them, simply find the our verified tag() next to our verified partners.
Nope, we’re open to all wedding videographers/photographers seeking to accept online booking and reservations.
Simply click on the "Enquire" button, sign up using facebook , type in your message and press "Enquiry". You can see the entire conversation with all the vendors in your Inbox. Trippix also sends alerts to your email address whenever there is a reply/message addressed to you.
No. Trippix is an open marketplace, we don’t prefer certain partners over others. We also do not display ads on our site to provide a clean and clutter experience to our users.
All the messages and conversations are stored in your inbox on the site. To view your Inbox, simply sign in, click on your profile pic on the top right and select "Inbox" from the drop down menu. Once you are inside the inbox, clicking on the individual conversation will take you to the entire message history between you and that particular vendor.
Click on the Enquire button from the vendor's profile page and then click on "Wedding Date". All the dates that the vendors are unavailable will be marked in red and disabled.
We, at trippix, take extra care in making sure that all the enquiries are answered promptly by our verified vendors. We follow up with the videographers and photographers to make sure they respect the timelines/SLAs(Service Level Agreements) they agreed to, while signing up. We also provide a phone number and email to contact us(on our homepage) if you believe you are not getting responded in a timely manner.
Trippix is currently based in California, USA.
To reserve a vendor, simply click on the "Reserve" button on his profile page, fill in your wedding details, credit card details and press "Confirm and Pay".

Click "Confirm" on the confirmation popup and thats it.

Once the transaction is successful, emails will be sent to both the vendor and you about the details.

Once the vendor confirms the booking, reservation is complete and your card is charged.

You will be sent an e-receipt to your email from trippix with the payment details.

The vendor will also be alerted that the transaction is complete.

Trippix makes this scenario pretty easy. In the eg: above, the peso amount will be converted to usd and your usd card will be charged in USD(local currency). This greatly helps international couple as they do not accrue any international transaction charges.
Trippix accepts all major credit and debit cards(Visa/Master Card/American Express, etc). We currently support US dollar, Singapore dollar and Philippines Peso on our platform. More currencies will be supported soon.
Trippix is registered as a business in the U.S.
Legal Business:

First, trippix is a registered legal business based in the US.

Second, since our inception last year, we have enabled over 10 million pesos worth of business to our vendors through our platform with zero disputes/frauds.

We already have around 250 vendors who trust and support us in this mission. Some of them have posted testimonials about our service on social media ( one such feedback is here)

Security of cards and payments:

Firstly, we do not store any credit card info in any of our databases.

Second, we invest a great deal in our infrastructure by using the payments platform of the industry leader, Stripe Inc (which is incidentally the same platform used by services like Uber) to handle all payments and credit cards info using their world class security mechanisms.

No. Trippix believes in the authenticity of the users and vendors signing up on the platform. Hence, we accept only accounts verified by facebook to sign up on the platform.
Card declines usually occur due to credit card limits, bank security measures to name a few.

If you get a credit card declined or a card expired, please do the following

  • Make sure you entered all the credit card info correct.(including cvv and expiration date). Double check and try again.

  • If the issue persists, call your bank and mention to them about the transaction and they will be able to remove the temporary hold, if any , so that you can retry the transaction.

  • You can always call us at +639178501588 , email us at or send us a message from the home page(chat window on the bottom right), if everything else looks okay and you still have issues. One of us will be ready to help you out as best as we can.
  • All refunds are handled by the contract you have in place with the vendor. In the case of a refund request, trippix will contact the vendor, get the amount to be refunded and will initiate a refund process that takes roughly 4-6 business days. Please note this is done at no extra charge to you.
    After the transaction goes through and the vendor confirms the booking through trippix, you will receive an email alert confirming the booking along with a digital receipt for your payment.
    Trippix is not a blog or an advertising site and hence we don’t extensively measure our viewing numbers compared to other sites. However, we do strongly measure our bookings since this is the true value we give our community and as of December 1, 2015 - trippix has enabled over Php 10,000,000 worth of online reservation bookings.
    Please feel free to email us at and we will respond within 24 hours. Alternatively, if it is urgent, you can call us at (+63)917-850-1588.